Bitcoin Price Changes in the Past Six Months

Bitcoin price changes are what have helped ordinary people make a lot of money over the years, especially during the winter of 2017. From September to December 2017 saw the price of the most popular cryptocurrency in the world escalate from approximately $3000 per coin, all the way to approximately $19,000 per coin. A movement that hasn’t been seen in any other digital currency in the world as of yet. Being the most popular and certainly the most valuable cryptocurrency in world, is of course going to attract a lot of attention to itself, and this is going to have some severe reactions to it price.

bitcoin price changes

Can bitcoin value reach hundreds of dollars?

Over the past six months we have experienced a number of different price movements linked with bitcoin and there are a plethora of reasons why this has happened, and in this article we will be exploring these different price movements. What goes up, must eventually come down and it is also true for bitcoin and after its monumental climb in price it eventually hit the ceiling and has since been on a steady decline back to the floor. It has come to light in recent weeks that bitcoin experienced this rapid increase in value due to manipulation from banks and professional institutions, and this has resulted in the Justice Department in America launching a criminal probe into whether traders were actually manipulating the price of bitcoin, as well as other digital currencies. The investigation has caused direct bitcoin price changes in the market as we see its value continually fall, with some people theorising that we will see bitcoins value reach the hundreds of dollars.

can bitcoins value reach hundreds of dollars

People are beginning to see through bitcoin and realise its faults and other things that make it NOT the most sought out cryptocurrency in the world, and this train thought has resulted in people actually selling their bitcoins. The regulators who have stepped in to assess the state of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies and what effect they have on people without knowing the risks of taking on such a huge bet. The constant negativity that has been associated with bitcoin is driving the price downwards, with no signs of stopping. The start of the fall began at the start of 2018, with many people believing that it was simply a slight pullback from the meteoric rise, however as the fall picked up the pace panic set in and over the next few months we saw the price of bitcoin fall from $19,000 all the way to its lowest point for many months at $6,000.

bitcoin price changes

Future of bitcoin holds and price changes

Thankfully we saw some buying power again where witnessed bitcoin nearly double in price back up to $12,000 per coin, but that was short lived and we yet again saw a dramatic bitcoin price change with it falling back to around $6000. However the buyers took over once more, which caused people to be convinced that bitcoin was heading back to a position of being power, but we are currently back at the $6000 range and the future of bitcoin looks bleak. It is anyone’s guess as to what the future of bitcoin holds and future bitcoin price changes.

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