Best Android and iOS Apps to Follow Your Digital Currency Investment

Bitcoin Checker – Android

Bitcoin Checker is one of the most popular cryptocurrency apps for Android users who are looking to track their digital currency investment at arms length. It is classed as a common go-to app for many cryptocurrency fans as it displays information such as the most up to date prices on most digital currencies all around the world. Probably the most notable feature of this Android app is its simple, yet effective user interface and this ties in well because the app has a lot of information to display for the user. A lot of cryptocurrency apps in the market are only concerned with popular digital currencies because they think that’s where most of the crowd will be, but that isn’t the case. In fact there are more and more people flocking to altcoins, and Bitcoin Checker has you covered with a host of different altcoin listed on its platform.

BlockFolio – Android

Blockfolio is another popular Android app that is up there with a best, and favoured amongst the crypto community. It is primarily a financial app that is aimed towards cryptocurrency users where you will be able to view your digital currency investment at a glance. There is also the opportunity to have notifications to be sent when prices reach a certain level that is chosen for the user, and with over 800 cryptocurrencies to track that is a lot of notifications, but most of all it provides you with detailed information about each and every one. In order to keep up with the demand of being at the cutting edge of digital currency news, Blockfolio features a news section for those who want to keep up to date. Most of all, this Android app is free.

CoinPaper – iOS

CoinPaper is an incredibly useful tool to keep track of your digital currency investment because of its unique live wallpaper app, which is used to show a live graph of a certain cryptocurrency of your choice. The app is completely customisable with the user being able to select different colours, coins and other things to personalise the digital currency investment tracker. CoinPaper uses the CryptoCompare API to integrate a lot of the features that you see that help make it a popular choice for iOS users.

CryptoTrader – iOS

CryptoTrader is an incentive real-time cryptocurrency assistance, where you can get instant charts and graphs for pretty much any cryptocurrency there is. It has a very clean and appealing user interface that has been specially optimized for mobile screen devices. One of the most attractive things about this app is that it is completely free, which means that absolutely any iOS user can download it and start tracking their digital currency investments. One thing that probably many of you don’t know is that CryptoTrader does not consume any mobile data or significantly impact the battery life at all. Not only that but the user can implement any amount of customisable alerts that he or she sees fit, as well as the added benefit of having advertisements or commercials. In order to protect your privacy, CryptoTrader has implemented the use of a PIN to secure your digital currency investments.

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