The Next 3 Things To Immediately Do To Secure Your Digital Currency Investment

digital currency investment security tips

#1 – Have a Backup!!

I can’t stress the importance of having a backup of your wallet, in fact the smart thing would be to have more than one backup, have two or three and store them in safe and secure places just to make sure. Think about it, if you solely stored you digital currency investment on your computer without the protection of a backup, what would you do if your computer suddenly burst into flames, or your house burnt down along with all the contents? Imagine if you had millions of dollars worth of cryptocurrencies stored on your computer and that happened, I know exactly what you’d do, you’d probably cry because I’d do the same thing. But then again I’m not stupid enough to subject myself to such newbie behaviour. You can easily get yourself an external hard drive off Amazon, or even purchase a handful of USB sticks and dot them around different places. The good thing is, is that you won’t need one with a lot of space because you are only storing your keys so a 16Gb USB stick should suffice. Along with your backups it is critical that you store one offsite in a different location. If you place different storage devices around your house you still have the same problem if your house burns to the ground.

anti-virus security-digital currency investment

#2 – Get Anti-Virus Security

No I don’t mean download a free version of Malwarebytes or Avast and think that you are good to go, because I’m afraid that isn’t the case. In order to stay ahead of the game and protect your digital currency investment you need to have an anti-virus program that is continually receiving new updates. The cyber criminals don’t stop and neither should you. Another reason why you shouldn’t rely on the free versions of these things because many of these anti-virus programs monitor and sell your data as a way to generate an income from all the people who are using their free software. The fact is, free anti-virus just doesn’t make the cut anymore, so get an anti-virus program and pay for it.

two factor authentication- secure digital currency investment

#3 – Use Two-Factor Authentication

If you don’t listen to any of the other two points that I have just made then please heed this advice and use two-factor authentication because this is one of the best ways to secure your digital currency investment by a long shot! It involved installing software to your mobile device like Google Authenticator or Authy but they all work in pretty much the same way. All the popular exchange platforms have the option to enable two-factor authentication so you should absolutely do it. It works by having you log onto a platform like Binance and then you will be prompted to enter a code from your authenticator, and this code changes every 30 seconds. The reasoning behind it is, even if someone manages to get hold of your password they still wouldn’t be able to login because they would need the two-factor authentication code that is generated on your phone. Two-factor authentication can also be used during the withdrawal process to help protect you against any potential thieves.

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